Official Church Websites

The New Family Search website
Enter your Family History online and see what temple work needs to be completed.  Print off ordinance request forms to take to the temple to complete the work.
You must have your membership number to register.

Family Search Wiki
Free Family History research advice for the community, by the community.  Such as: how to access and use Government Vital Records.

A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work
Online version of the class manual.

Temple and Family History Course Materials
Download student and teacher materials and videos for the church sponsored Temple and Family History course.

Worldwide Indexing
Volunteer to record deceased individuals key information from online records into the FamilySearch database.

Washington D.C. Temple
Washington D.C.'s temple site providing address, schedule, etc.

Facebook: Family History Library
The official page on Facebook for the church's Family History Library in SLC.

Facebook: FamilySearch
The official page on Facebook for the church's FamilySearch website.

Facebook: FamilySearch Indexing
The official page on Facebook for the church's Worldwide Indexing program.

Facebook: FamilySearch wiki
The official page on Facebook for volunteering assistance to the FamilySearch program.

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